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Substrate structure
embedded TFC (Thin Film Capacitor),

About GigaModule-EC

We have succeeded in the production of semiconductor package substrates with embedded Thin Film Capacitor (TFC). This production meets a long standing industry requirement. The embedded TFC in a substrate has larger capacitance and reduces connection inductances more than ever because it can be placed now a lot closer to the LSI as a decoupling capacitor. FICT has adopted a substrate structure technology called GigaModule-EC, which is used in this new generation substrate with TFC. This structure meets two complex requirements; the microminiaturization of a semiconductor package and a stable power supply between the capacitor and LSIs.This semiconductor package substrate using the GigaModule-EC structure allows you to develop a wide range of devices, from high-end products to mobile applications, allowing them to be small, energy efficient and high performing.


Mission Are you having a hard time meeting complex requirements of product development?

Electronic devices have been evolving quickly. While you are required to challenge the limits in developing them where future improvement seems difficult, there are more requirements for better power saving and higher performance of LSIs. A stable power supply is very important for a LSI to operate properly and efficiently. The key to this operation is where you embed a decoupling capacitor in the substrate. With the evolution of the flip-chip bonding, semiconductor packages have been getting smaller and thinner. In these circumstances, the size and the location of the capacitor on a substrate are very important, while securing enough capacitance for the operation is also a big challenge.
  • Power supply noise in high frequency range keeps our LSI from its maximum performance.
  • We want to reduce voltage drops and noise in a LSI due to operating voltage saving.
  • We want to use proper capacitors with enough capacitance to make our LSI operate properly.
  • We need capacitors with large electricity storage capacity. However, there is no space for it in our semiconductor package.

Mission & Solution The 4 challenges in manufacturing
a packaging substrate are now solved by GigaModule-EC

Reduce power supply noise in the high frequency range

A GigaModule-EC semiconductor package substrate contains embedded Thin Film Capacitors (TFCs) which support a LSI to operate at high frequency with low voltages. This TFC has a low impedance value in the high frequency range and it has large capacitance with low inductance.

Because this TFC in a GigaModule-EC substrate can be embedded as a decoupling capacitor underneath a LSI, the inductance between the capacitor and the LSI can be reduced. If the number of vias used in this GigaModule-EC semiconductor package substrate is increased, the inductance will be reduced even more.

Using this characteristic, the reduction of impedance in this substrate through low to high frequency range has been confirmed at a demonstration experiment. This means it is possible to reduce noise in a semiconductor package substrate at high frequency range which used to be difficult with external capacitors. Thus you can expect the frequency characteristic of a semiconductor to be greatly improved and the efficiency of the LSI maximized.

The change of impedance between
V/G by embedded TFC
(Data provided by Fujitsu Limited)
Analysis specification

Analysis specification
Analysis specification

Minimize the voltage drop during operation

Since LSIs are driven with low voltage, controlling the voltage drop during the operation is getting even more challenging. However, this GigaModule-EC substrate can solve this problem. TFC which supports the high frequency range can be embedded underneath the LSIs on a substrate and this capacitor will be charged and discharged between the operations by connecting power supply layers. This enables a reduction of the power voltage instability and allows you to expect a LSI for stable high performance.

Have any size of capacitance for capacitor by pattern designing

This embedded TFC is a high capacitance type of 1.0μF/cm2. Because it is embedded as a shape of another layer in a substrate, the capacitance can be set for any size you need by pattern designing. This capacitor can be processed by etching. This means due to fewer restrictions at the designing stage, designs which were once considered impossible are now feasible using embedded TFC technology.

Use mounting space on a LSI efficiently

As we can embed the TFC into the substrate, we can dramatically reduce the number of capacitors installed on the surface of the board and consequently increase the available space. Also, because vias can be connected to TFC with a narrow pitch, there will be fewer restrictions for wiring on the substrate.

product description Product outline

GigaModule-2EC structure could be applied to mid-range to high-end equipment such as servers. Up to two sheets of TFC can be embedded in among core layers of the substrate which adopts regular build-up structure. It is ideal that this GigaModule-2EC structure will be used for LSI which requires a very stable power supply. Thus, it is recommended for a circuit which critically relies on a steady power supply, especially for high-speed or simultaneous switching.

Design Rule
Design Rule
TFC specification
TFC specification
Design Rule
Design Rule
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