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The Future is Interconnected

Our Brand

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This is a trailer of FICT brand movie.
You can watch the complete version in the brand page of our corporate website.
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The Essence of FICT

We developed the base of the Semiconductor Packaging Substrate

Meet our members bringing insightful information and little-known anecdotes about the Semiconductor Packaging Substrate World

Advanced Technologies

We respond to the needs of the most advanced
technologies in order to create new value that opens up
the future together with our customers.

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We develop highly reliable and high-performance
Semiconductor Packaging Substrates and Multilayer PCBs for a wide range of

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Solution Service

We support our customer in its product development by offering
solution services such as electrical & physical simulation, board
design, assembly and reliability testing.

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Technical Service

Technical services such as data recovery, quality and reliability
testing, and fault analysis for storage device products such as
HDDs, SSD and flash memory.

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For Sustainability

Our activities to build a sustainable society

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