FICT - The Future is interconnected FICT - The Future is interconnected

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The Future is Interconnected The Future is Interconnected

Discover a more connected future with interconnect technology.

Our vision for the future is to build a productive and sustainable advanced information
network society. We believe that by connecting people and technology, we can move towards
a more interconnected world.

Equipped with high-quality technology and relentless determination, we promise to
co-create new value with our customers and partners.

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Our Strength



Reliable technology and quality

For over half a century,
we’ve been global leaders in the development of interconnect technology
that connects various devices ranging from supercomputers to mobile devices.
We provide PCB solutions across all stages of development,
from board design to prototyping and production.


A proven track record

Our cutting-edge technology has delivered results across the globe.
50-plus years of taking on new challenges and a deeply rooted manufacturing
ethos have led to a future we once dreamed of:
An interconnected world, both person to person and device to device.


A global network

In order to provide our customers with the best products and services,
we’ve established a global sales and business structure.
We have partners and clients all over the world,
including in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Global Locations

Helping to build a sustainable world

We understand that protecting our planet is humanity's greatest challenge.
That’s why we believe in a manufacturing approach that works in harmony with the environment.
We start focusing on the product life cycle from the development and prototype stages
in order to offer PCB solutions that preserve and improve the environment.
Our pursuit of world-class interconnect technologies and services is neverending.
We will build a sustainable future that is more interconnected,
both person to person and device to device.

For Sustainability