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FC-BGA Substrates

About FC-BGA Substrates GigaModule-2

A state-of-the-art large FC-BGA packaging substrate with >100mm□ size buildup is available for large Die and multi-chip packaging with small quantity and short-term manufacturing

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Features Features

  • 30,000 pin count and >100mm□ size of 16-n-16 buildup substrate is available. ( n: Core layer)
  • Our state-of-the-art high-density large FC-BGA package is suitable for high frequency and high-power applications with thick copper core-layer.
  • Our total substrate solution from the package design enables small quantity and short-term manufacturing.
Example of multi-pin LSI mounting
Example of multi-pin LSI mounting

specification Design Rule

Product Cross-section

High Density IVH
High Density IVH
Thick Copper Pattern
Thick Copper Pattern

Characteristics Mechanical Characteristics

Realize improvement of mechanical characteristics by applying a variety of materials.

Electrical Properties Electrical Characteristics

Propose optimum design for high frequency and high-power application with electrical and physical simulation.


Measured value of transmission characteristics
for low Df material

Case Study Product Application

  • Server/MPU for HPC
  • ASIC/Logic/Graphics
  • FPGA
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