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“F-ALCS” technology (F-All Layer Z-Connection structure)

The innovative technology "F-ALCS" maximizes wiring capacity of Printed Wiring Board and enables high performance design with its ultra-high wiring flexibility.

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“G-ALCS” technology (Glass All Layer Z-Connection Structure)

New inorganic substrate : Multi glass core layers with conductive paste for customer’s specific needs for higher reliability.

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Glass Core Package Substrate(New Concept)

Glass All Layer Z-Connection Structure (G-ALCS) Core with build-up layers for chiplet integration architecture.

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Product Catalogue Product Catalogue

GigaModule Series
Packaging Substrate

A state-of-the-art large FC-BGA packaging substrate with >100 sq. mm size buildup is available for large Die and multi-chip packaging with small quantity and short-term manufacturing

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TFC Embedded Substrate

GigaModule-EC, a best suitable packaging substrate with embedded thin film capacitor(TFC) for next high-performance & energy-saving semiconductor

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Organic PCB for
Probe Card Application

Our state-of-the-art technology provides innovative organic PCBs, best suited for probe card applications demanding huge wiring capacity and high-quality signal integrity.

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High Density and High Layer Count PCB

High-performance and High-reliability PCB for Supercomputers, Network systems, AI Data Center Servers and also Millimeterwave systems

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Large Current,
High Heat dissipation PCBs

PCB Solutions for Power Electronics Equipment such as Automotive ECU/PCUs and Industrial Robots

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